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Repair & Overhaul

Neosource FAA Repair Station NSCR465K serves the airline industry with high quality repair and overhaul services. We provide our customers the opportunity to save significant time and money over OEM repair sources, in-house repairs or new part purchases. We repair parts, components and assemblies for Boeing, Douglas, Airbus and Fokker aircraft, as well as parts manufactured by the many vendors who provide new parts to these commercial aircraft manufacturers.

Expendable parts are a tremendous waste of financial resources. Neosource has extensive experience evaluating existing designs and developing repair procedures for parts without OEM repair documentation, or where the existing OEM repair data is inadequate to allow for the proper repair of worn and damaged piece parts. Every new procedure developed is submitted and approved by an FAA DER. We take great pride in our ability to convert expendable parts to repairable inventory.

Neosource specializes in repair of all types of aircraft latches. Latches on assemblies of cowl, access panels and doors, entry doors, thrust reverser bands and many other types of latches are repaired to OEM or other FAA approved data.

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