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Neosource Earns Aerospace, ISO Certifications
(8/15/2010 Tulsa World)

Neosource, Inc. was recognized by the Tulsa World for achieving ISO 9001 / AS9100 Certification.

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Neosource Flies Above Bumpy Economy
(5/25/2009 Tulsa Business Journal)

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In A Down Economy, Neosource, Inc. is Taking Off

Neosource, Inc., established in Tulsa in 1989, continues its history of strong, steady growth. In an economic climate where good news is hard to find, the company is pleased to report an impressive 30 percent increase in business over the last three years. Neosource provides overhaul, repair, manufacturing and engineering services to the aerospace industry. Neosource typically saves customers 40-70% of the new costs for component repairs. Customers include major air carriers worldwide, regional jet air carriers, FAA repair stations, MROs, PMA distributors, and brokers. This customer base is expanding rapidly, due in large part to the recent enhancement of the company’s state-of-the-art waterjet machining services. The star of the Neosource OMAX Jet Machining Center is the new OMAX 80160, the latest, largest and most versatile waterjet cutting technology available. The 80160 complements the OMAX 55100, in service since 1999.

The Neosource OMAX Jet Machining Center can handle a vast range of materials and sizes. With an 80” x by 160” cutting envelope and 40hp 50,000 psi water pump pressure, the OMAX 80160 is capable of close tolerance precision cutting for material thickness as much as nine inches with a tolerance of +/- 0.005 . The waterjet process takes raw material to a clean-edged finished piece with no heat-affected areas. In most cases, no additional machining is necessary. The OMAX 80160 accommodates a virtually unlimited range of materials, including titanium, aluminum, inconel, composites, foam, plastics, ceramics, wood, and tool steel. Waterjet cutting offers special advantages in handling extremely hard materials and reflective and non-conductive materials such as stainless steel. It is also ideal for producing small, intricate designs quickly, precisely and completely. This profile-capable tool allows extremely close nesting to maximize material use and minimize waste. OMAX software can work from customer-provided .DXF drawings, engineering and production drawings, blueprints and freehand artwork to create customized waterjet pattern set-ups. The outstanding strength of waterjet cutting is the ability to respond to customer needs immediately and deliver a finished product within a couple of days.

“Our OMAX Jet Machining Center has the versatility to handle both short-run and production-run part production, making it everything a close tolerance center should be,” says Tim Clement, Neosource co-owner. “This is an entirely new way of making your product. We can handle a much wider variety of materials than is possible with any other tool, and produce a more reliable product in a more cost-effective manner. We’re able to respond quickly. From the establishment of the waterjet center in 1999, we have maintained a reputation for extremely fast turnaround times. We don’t talk customer service: we perform customer service. Customers looking for a one-stop turnkey solution also benefit from our secondary CNC machining capabilities.”

CNC machining has increased significantly for secondary waterjet machining operations, the manufacture of new aerospace parts, and for the repair of aircraft components. Neosource has recently added experienced machining staff and negotiations are in process for the addition of a new four-axis CNC machining center.

Cutting Edge: Precision Machining: Aerospace, energy driving Neosource
(12/17/2006 Tulsa World)

Tulsa World
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Tulsan's dream takes flight
(9/6/1999 Tulsa World)

Tulsa World
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