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Community - 2015

Neosource, Inc. strongly supports the local community and is pleased the following agencies provide us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We encourage supporting these agencies that so strongly impact our society by improving the life for all of us.

DHS Christmas for Kids
December 11, 2015


Envisioning the joy of a child opening a present Christmas Day is something all of us can appreciate. Working with Tulsa Advocates for the Protection of Children, Neosource was again eager to partner with TAPC, sponsoring 20 children for 2015. Our great staff whole heartedly supported an additional company toy drive, providing toys for an additional twenty children. We thank all the DHS and TAPC volunteers for making this possible, as there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes for the “Sponsor a Child”, “Cash/Check Donations” to TAPC and for the “Toy Drive”. Read the Tulsa World story here.

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For 2015, over 1700 local children in OKDHS custody in will have their Christmas wishes fulfilled. The large room photo represents gifts from area donors, with a special acknowledgement to Venture Properties for donating this large facility.

United Way Speaker Emeka Nnata
October 1, 2015


Neosource was privileged to personally hear Emeka Nnaka’s most inspirational response to his dramatic change in life at the early age of 21. Emeka is a representative and speaker for the Tulsa Area United Way, and Neosource was honored to pause production, and listen how this fine young man has confronted an unforseen and most difficult challenge. Emeka’s impressive story may be seen at http://www.tauw.org/tauw/Emekas_Story.asp. Meeting Emeka personally and his interaction with everyone provided real insight of the goodness and high caliber of his personality. We really appreciated a brief ‘tour’ of his van he drives, and enjoyed his exuberance for having that independence of driving. His positive energy was most contagious.

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This was all made possible through Tulsa Spirit Aerosystems loaned executive, Mr. John Martin, TAUW Campaign Associate. We thank Spirit for supporting the TAUW by loaning personnel for these campaigns, and for Mr. Martin for coordinating this event.

United Way Day of Caring
September 11, 2015


For the 12th year in a row, Neosource closed its doors to participate in the United Way Day of Caring. We split into two groups this year for two different agencies.

At the first United Way Agency Community Action Project at Robert Frost Elementary, two old 8’ x 8’ overgrown garden boxes were removed and replaced with six 2’x8’ garden boxes. The young gardeners can now walk between these boxes and easily plant their garden (see photos). The boxes were filled with topsoil delivered by Neosource the day before, and ready to use the donated gardening tools. Boxes were pre-fabricated at our shop, using treated lumber and corrosion resistant screws, countersunk for strong joints.

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The second United Way Agency was for The Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma at Camp Tall Chief on the John Zink Ranch. Our crew cleaned and painted about ¾ mile of fence rail pipe at the Dreamcatcher arena. The super early folks had to wait for the rain to subside, but our trusty local weather stations were right on as it blew over, and the oil based paint was applied with mitts, rollers and brushes.

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Weather wise, this was one of the best weather days we’ve seen in many, many years for any outside activity. We were all most thankful!!

Our crews had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer for these worthwhile projects. Neosource is truly a blessed company, and we appreciate giving back to our community. Thanks to both our wonderful crews!

Neosource encourages everyone to support the 2015 United Way Drive, to whatever level you can afford. No matter how large or small, it all adds up and, as always, will be used for many great causes.

TDW Golf Tournament for United Way
June 22nd, 2015


Neosource had a great time participating in and being a silver sponser at the TDW (TD Williamson) Annual Golf Tournament benefiting the Tulsa Area United Way.

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