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Community - 2010

Neosource, Inc. strongly supports the local community and is pleased the following agencies provide us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We encourage supporting these agencies that so strongly impact our society by improving the life for all of us.

2010 United Way Day of Caring
September 10, 2010


For the 2010 United Way Day of Caring project, Neosource closed our doors for the day, sending all employees to build and install baseball field benches, purchase and replace one of the 4’x8’ entry signs (purchased by expert Tulsa sign maker AMAX SIGN COMPANY- our Neosource neighbor, second sign purchased by Salvation Army), paint the cinderblock sign structure from blue to red AND paint the sanctuary and office building for the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club in Broken Arrow.


We are thankful that our missing employee from last year recovered sufficiently to join us in this worthwhile effort. Despite the weather that required an abundance of hydration, the Neosource crew did an amazing amount of work for this day, 9/10/2010. (A special thanks to our Larry Forsyth who built the extra heavy duty baseball dugout benches at his home).

Our crew broke into 3 zones to install the pre-built/painted dugout benches, painting of the roadside cinderblock sign structure and painting of the building. The bench crew used a hammer drill with carbide drill bits to install high strength fasteners and secured the benches with ¼” stainless steel angle and stainless steel hardware that will last a lifetime. The benches are made from pressure treated lumber and screwed together. Many wood joint were cut out using one of Neosource’s waterjet machines, providing high precision fits. Oil based primer and oil based paint will provide many, many years of service. The cinderblock wall initially used a non-commercial sprayer which burnt up half-way through the job applying the oil based safety red color. Rollers and brushes finished the job. A big THANK YOU to the 31st & Sheridan Sherwin Williams store for donating the red paint.

For the building, all the windows were masked and a professional paint sprayer applied most of the two different colors required. A big THANK YOU to American Rental & Sales for donating the use of the scaffolding!

Just like our previous years, this was a great time to work as a team away from our everyday jobs while enjoying one another’s good company.

Neosource is fortunate to continue maintaining a heavy workload, and special efforts were needed to gratefully volunteer for this project while maintaining customer satisfaction. This workload issue was compounded since five (5) primary Neosource production personnel will attend the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago beginning September 13th.

It continues to be a privilege and an emotional inspiration to help our Tulsa area community. Neosource is pleased for the opportunity to give back to a community that has provided so much to us.

Neosource especially recognizes the anniversary of September 11, 2001 and encourages all of us to use our many blessings, skills and gifts to support our community. We are all here to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Neosource 3rd Annual Golf Tournament
June 5th, 2010

We want to thank the 17 companies and 68 players who made our third year annual golf tournament a resounding success. Neosource’ s 2010 golf tournament was held at beautiful Emerald Falls Golf Club. The positive feedback for this course was outstanding. It was a beautiful light breezy day for the fun loving golfers who enjoyed this challenging course.

A special congratulations to United Plating for winning this tournament.

We also want to recognize and congratulate the Longbow team for using the maximum number of strokes to receive a special recognition prize!

Emerald catered a great BBQ lunch followed with Neosource sponsored cash and gift prizes.

Besides all the great camaraderie, the great participation allowed an additional contribution to Voca Bibles in remembrance to Greg Buller, the 50 year old son of old Neosource friends. Voca has permission to print and distribute bibles in China. http://vocabibles.vocamissions.com

We recognize and thank the following sponsors:

  • A & S Dispatch
  • C-4 Machine Tools Inc.
  • Integrated Metals
  • JP Metalworks
  • Longbow Investments
  • PMI Machine
  • Pioneer Steel
  • Trident Metals
  • Tulsa Gamma Ray
  • United Plating

A very special thanks to our organizers, Jeremy, Rodney and Keith, for making this such a success.

See you next year!!

Berry Park Pool

With the Tulsa economy still recovering, Neosource once again led a spearheading fund raiser towards the opening of Berry Pool, 5002 N. Wheeling (48th Street North between Lewis and Peoria).

Berry Pool had 5000 visitors in 2009, exceeded only by McClure. Over 60 aerospace and manufacturing firms were contacted to participate in this endeavor, with many responding positively even in these challenging times.

The Tulsa Parks “Break the Ice” campaign has been successful in privately funding 5 of Tulsa’s 22 pools. Providing our young people a positive outlet for their time is a fundamental investment towards their future, and ours as well.

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