Community – 2020

Neosource, Inc. strongly supports the local community and is pleased the following agencies provide us the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much to us. We encourage supporting these agencies that so strongly impact our society by improving the life for all of us

Fostering Connections Christmas for Kids

Tulsa Advocates for the Protection of Children has changed its name to FOSTERING CONNECTIONS ( It remains the same great organization for improving the lives of children in foster homes. Neosource sponsored 25 children this year.

Additionally, our great staff whole heartedly supported a separate company toy drive, providing bicycles and toys to help ensure each foster child wakes up with something for Christmas. Neosource donated 30 bicycles, with special thanks to Academy Sports at 6120 E 41st Street for providing a discount for all these bikes. Thank you Evan Taylor. Maura Brown – we miss you but enjoy your retirement!

For 2020, over 2500 local children in Tulsa, Okmulgee, Muskogee and Comanche counties had their Christmas wishes fulfilled. The large room photos represent gifts from the many area donors.

John 3:16 Mission


Neosource provided 32 turkeys (692 pounds) and 30 gallons of corn & green beans this 2020 Thanksgiving. The need for food services continues, and even more so during this pandemic. We encourage continued giving to John 3:16, or others of your choice now and throughout the year. Since May, Neosource has partnered with Merritt’s Bakery providing 30 pies and dozens of cupcakes bi-monthly for the pleasure of the John 3:16 Mission program participants.

United Way Day(s) of Caring
September 24, 2020


For the 16th year, Neosource participated in the Tulsa Area United Way Day of Caring. However, this year is Day(s) of Caring, as the terrible Covid19 virus has all but eliminated normalcy as in years past. We certainly applaud the United Way team for maintaining their sanity for organizing functions to best carry on these Days of Caring.

Neosource’s first Day of Caring was 2004. Started in 1991, 2020 represents the 29th United Way Day of Caring. Today, it represents 59 Partner Agencies. Day of Caring – truly an invaluable community service.

For 2020, Neosource decided to simply choose a Days of Caring project, saving the time and effort of the Uway staff. As a sponsor for many years of Tulsa Public School Hawthorne Elementary, it was an easy choice working with Principal Dana Kalbe. Meeting with Darrell Mercer for what would benefit Hawthorne, our projects included replacing a courtyard entry fence and gate, and building/installing 6 garden boxes. Mr. Mercer will use these garden boxes for the purpose of meeting the vision of the school to create a Global Gardens. The Gardens will offer professional development for all Hawthorne teachers, showing them ways to use the garden for exploration and hands-on learning for over 100 students.

Thanks to our friends at Pioneer Fence for the super heavy duty fence and gate!

Neosource encourages everyone to support the 2020 United Way, to whatever level you can afford. No matter how large or small, it all adds up and, as always, will be used for many great causes for one of the 59 Partner Agencies. See their great page and video at:

Link to the Tulsa World regarding the 5,000+ volunteers and 500+ projects spread across the Tulsa area:

Covid-19 Pandemic PPE

Neosource has been supportive of schools and our indispensable service providers during the Covid 19 Pandemic by suppling a variety of manufactured and purchased products. Plexiglass dividers for schools, for Opthamologists and nail salons. Over 2000 face shields donated to many causes – hospitals, health departments, schools, Sheriff offices and local/out of state salons. Hospital grade non-contact thermometers were purchased and donated to several of our local schools. We truly are all in this together, and urge everyone to help each other to the best of their ability.

State of Olahoma Citation

Neosource was honored to receive a citation from The State of Oklahoma for doing our part during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Neosource we always strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment for our employees, and appreciate the recognition for also working to ensure the continued delivery of quality products and services to our valued Customers

Support Your Local Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookies!

Neosource, Inc. has long supported our local Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma in a variety of ways, including the annual Girl Scout Cookie drive. We purchase a variety of cookies and include them in our repaired or machined products shipped to our customers. They are always well received. Purchasing is easy from a Girl Scout you know, or by on-line Digital Cookies or booth sales starting February 14th. Types of cookies and how to purchase is easy by going to Yummmmm!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program® prepares girls with the business smarts they need to take on the world! Did you know the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world? When you buy delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping girls power new, unique, and amazing experiences for themselves and their troops—experiences that broaden their worlds, teach them essential skills, and launch them into a lifetime of leadership. And guess what? Proceeds stay local! That means you’re not only supporting girls’ success but also the success of your community, all while helping build the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

John 3:16 Mission


While the holidays are behind us, the need for food services continues at organizations like John 3:16 serving those in need. Neosource provided 30 turkeys and cases of canned goods for this past Thanksgiving, but encourage continued giving to John 3:16, or others of your choice, throughout the year.